Sep 14 • 32M

Hawthorn: Time to get some berries

We all need some heart medicine and this is our hero!

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Izzy Seadon-The Naturopath
A blend of herbal medicine and holistic health with a background of the sciences. Be your own healer.
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Hawthorn is a favourite of many herbalists! Plus so easy to forage and the berries are ripe for picking right now so I wanted to share this with you in case you wanted to have a look for some nearby.

You can of course buy it from a herbal supplier but if you wanted to get more confident with trying to make your own medicines this is a nice one to add in.

It is absolutely fab for anything heart-related so I think given the rate of CVD and trauma, we have a powerful friend here!

I think I covered:

  • Hawthorn- where it grows and identification, philosophy of local plants

  • Hawthorn flowers and uses

  • Hawthorn berries, making medicine and uses

  • Bit of a tangent on curses, Venus and the emotional uses